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Tanya Wells has worked in the field of dermatology since 1998. Tanya brings years of exceptional experience and knowledge in successful clinical operations and management in developing robust back-office clinical teams for a growing organization. Tanya has focused on building a culture that promotes the highest standards for clinical care, patient experience and provider teams by developing and implementing successful training programs, policies, and procedures. She has cross trained to work in the front and back office, focusing on assisting in General Dermatology and in MOHS surgery as an MA. During her years in dermatology, she has also acted as a Lead MA, Clinical Manager, and interim Practice Manager. As an MA, she is certified as a MOHS Histotech, Dermatology Coder, OSHA/HIPAA, and Corporate Compliance coordinator. She has been an expert super-user of EMA/ModMed software since 2014. 

 Tanya currently attends the University of Texas at Arlington pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. 

 She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, attending kids/grandkids sports events, and is very active in her church.

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