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Vicki Arrington, M.Ed., is an accomplished retired Texas educator with over 30 years of experience. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a deep commitment to the growth and development of education and administration professionals. Ms. Arrington has provided leadership in various areas, including professional learning, instructional services, digital learning, coaching, and federal program implementation. She has successfully led teams and implemented initiatives to enhance student onboarding and increase customer satisfaction in a large North Texas school district.

Ms. Arrington’s impact extends beyond her district. She is a renowned presenter and speaker at prestigious conferences such as TCEA, ASCD National, ISTE International, TASA, Learning Forward International, AESA, and multiple Region Centers. Through workshops and presentations, she has inspired educators from diverse backgrounds and contributed to the advancement of educational practices throughout Texas.

In recognition of her commitment to excellence, Ms. Arrington has served as a Baldrige Examiner for the state of Texas and held the position of President of the Board of Directors for Learning Forward Texas. As an examiner, she played a critical role in evaluating and recognizing organizations’ performance excellence. Currently, she continues her work with Learning Forward Texas, promoting high-quality professional learning opportunities for educators and administrators statewide.

Vicki Arrington, M.Ed., has made a significant impact on education through her leadership, expertise, and dedication to professional development. Her contributions have empowered educators and administrators, improved student outcomes, and advanced the field of education in Texas and beyond.