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Meet Brandi – a healthcare professional with a devotion to healing and a remarkable track record of nearly two decades in the field. Hailing from Denton County, Texas, Brandi’s journey has taken her to the peaks of expertise. 

While most nurses tread the path of duty, Brandi dances on it. Her story began in 2004 when she graduated with an associate nursing degree from Grayson County College. Little did she know that this was merely the opening act of a career symphony. Early on, perioperative nursing captivated her, igniting a spark that would later lead her to the world of aesthetic procedures. 

Fast forward to today, and Brandi’s passion for patient well-being has not only remained steadfast but has grown. With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Texas Woman’s University earned in 2017, she has transformed her dedication into a formidable force of knowledge and skill. However, her hunger for knowledge didn’t stop there. Currently immersed in the Family Nurse Practitioner program at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Brandi is on the verge of completing her Master’s Degree in Nursing.

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Beyond the stethoscope, Brandi’s life is a colorful palette of interests. When the Friday night lights illuminate the Texas sky, you’ll find her cheering for her favorite high school teams, a testament to her Lone Star State roots. But that’s not all – Brandi has a love of cooking that rivals her medical expertise. Cooking is more than a hobby; it’s a canvas on which she creates flavors that delight the senses. 

Whether it’s rooting for her husband and children on the sports field or exploring uncharted territories through travel, Brandi finds joy in both her personal and professional worlds. 

Brandi is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care in the Bare Way. With her background in surgical nursing and aesthetics, and her imminent graduation as a Family Nurse Practitioner, the stage is set for her to shine as an asset to the Bare Dermatology Team.

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