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Meet Claudette Mumme, a force in the world of healthcare and aesthetics. With a background as vibrant as her personality, Claudette’s journey from a dedicated ICU nurse to Certified Aesthetic Nurse Injector is nothing short of inspiring.

Claudette embarked on her career at Texas Woman’s University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Beginning in 1995 she started honing her skills in the high-pressure environment of the ICU. But Claudette’s story doesn’t stop there; she delved into the world of Nephrology before venturing into the realm of medical devices.

In 2005, Claudette served as a Senior Clinical Engineer and Mentor for a prominent medical device manufacturer. Her expertise was further showcased as she took on leadership roles, both locally and nationally, in laser training schools and state-of-the-art Aesthetic Laser companies.

However, Claudette’s personal journey took a pivotal turn when she had a less-than-ideal experience with aesthetic surgery. This life-changing event fueled her passion to ensure others wouldn’t endure the same. She dove headfirst into clinical aesthetics to earn her certification.

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Claudette works out of the Aubrey office. Call (972) 703-9852 to schedule your appointment today!

Known for her warm and engaging personality, Claudette is the epitome of a people-person. Her goal is to provide her patients with unparalleled comfort and an unforgettable experience while guiding them to their skin care goals.

Within her practice, Claudette wears many hats, overseeing aesthetic consultations, pre- and post-care, and wielding the expertise to inject all available neurotoxins and dermal fillers on the US market. Her commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of her work.

Beyond her professional life, Claudette is a dedicated board member of the Texas Nurses Association District 4. She’s also a proud mother to an amazing son and shares her passions with her husband. She enjoys traveling, hunting, cheering for the University of Texas Longhorns and reveling in the vibrant atmosphere of country music festivals.

Claudette Mumme is not just a nurse; she’s an aesthetic artist and a compassionate advocate for her patients. Your journey to aesthetic excellence is secure in the hands of Claudette Mumme.

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