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Step into the world of skin enchantment with Christy Householder, your ultimate guide to unlocking the secrets of radiant skin. With a remarkable journey spanning 27 years in the realm of aesthetics, Christy isn’t just your run-of-the-mill nurse injector, licensed aesthetician, and laser virtuoso—she’s your skin’s very own fairy godmother.

Once upon a time in 1996, Christy embarked on her adventure at a local dermatology haven, surrounded by four wise dermatologists who bestowed upon her the wisdom of skin’s enigmas. Skin problems, skin health, and skin care—they were her sages, and under their tutelage, she learned to wield the power of diverse modalities to transform skin narratives.

But Christy’s tale didn’t stop there. With the wind of curiosity at her back, she ventured into the heart of facial aesthetics, joining forces with the realm of plastic surgeons. Three years she spent there, honing her skills like a master artist crafting a masterpiece. Then came a year in the realm of obstetrics and gynecology, where she gazed into the cosmic mirror of hormonal influence on women’s skin, illuminating the different chapters of their lives.

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In the year 2007, destiny intertwined Christy’s path with that of two physicians that became her mentors. In their sanctuary, she found her true calling. The mystic arts of injectables were unveiled to her, and she embarked on a new odyssey, restoring volume, harmonizing asymmetries, and painting away the lines of time. “Bringing back confidence with subtle transformations is what fuels my heart,” Christy confessed.

Patient meetings became her canvas, where she’d consult and converse about metamorphosis. The symphony of aging became her music, composing a harmonious tune that resonated with each individual’s goals. “I love meeting with patients, discussing what they would like to change or improve, talk about how our bodies, face and skin ages and then finding a solution to meet their goals. It is very important to me that my patients have a natural and normal look after procedures, but especially with injectables and fillers. If someone walks up to a patient and says their filler looks good, then I didn’t do my job very well. I want the patients to look great, but never overdone and overfilled. I am happy that I can offer many treatments to patients to enhance their skin. Acne scars, sun damage, unwanted pigment issues can negatively affect a person and we have many options to improve, enhance or erase these conditions.”

But education never ceases to empower her magic. Christy, the ever-curious scholar, is forever spellbound by the latest in skincare, products, technologies, and lasers. In her pursuit of excellence, she unlocked her LVN certification in October 2021, and her journey to become an RN continues. Christy is affiliated with professional organizations including Dermatology Nurses Association (DNA), the National Association of Licensed Practical Nurses (NALPN), and the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS).

Beyond the realm of aesthetics, Christy and her husband, Joe, reside in the enchanting town of McKinney. They’re not just grandparents—they’re memory-makers with their grandkids, and come summer, they’re the fearless captains of jet skis on the lake’s glistening waters. And amidst all the magic, Christy’s heart resonates with a higher calling—mission work. Bangladesh and Kenya have felt the touch of her healing hands, and the world awaits more of her benevolent enchantments.

So, there you have it, a glimpse into the captivating chronicle of Christy Householder—a woman of science, art, and the indomitable spirit of a storyteller, all weaving the tapestry of timeless beauty.

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