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Meet Bare Dermatology’s very own, Karaneh (Karen) Karimi! Born under the star-studded skies of Los Angeles, CA, and molded by the vibrant energy of Plano, TX, she’s a blend of the West Coast and Southern charm.

Karen first delved into the intricate depths of the human mind as she pursued a degree in Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. But her thirst for knowledge knew no bounds, leading her to the realm of Biomedical Sciences at the University of North Texas.

Her journey took a twist when she traveled to Texas Tech University School of Medicine. Here, she not only earned her Medical Degree but also defied convention by simultaneously mastering the art of business through an MBA from Texas Tech’s Rawls College of Business.

Dr. Karimi’s pursuit of excellence carried her across terrains and time zones. From the sun-soaked shores of Southern California to the bustling heart of Minneapolis, she amassed a wealth of experience. Her preliminary intern year at the University of California, Irvine, marked the beginning of her clinical experience, while her Dermatology residency at the University of Minnesota became the place where her expertise was refined into pure dermatological gold.

Karen’s vibrant spirit is expressed in everything she does! She writes poetry to capture life’s moments. Her adventurous heart craves the thrill of discovery, whether it’s exploring new places or uncovering new music.

On this life journey, one companion stands by her side – Tiberius, the furry king of her heart. As a connoisseur of laughter, Karen seeks out joy in the everyday, sprinkling it like stardust in the lives she touches.

Allen Office

Dr. Karimi works out of the Allen office. Call (972) 449-0678 to schedule your appointment in Allen today!

Karen Karimi is a deeply spiritual person. She devotes herself to soul discovery and seeking wisdom for her life’s journey.

So, when you find that you are in the captivating presence of Dr. Karen Karimi, brace yourself for an exhilarating trip through medicine, art, laughter, and the expanse of a life well-lived.

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